Q&A with Frisco Candidate: John Hammett

March 11, 2022


How long have you lived in the town you're campaigning in?

  • 2 to 4 years


What is your occupation?

Engineering - SIemens


What experience qualifies you for a town council position?

My background focuses on engineering, small business ownership, corporate management, advanced wastewater treatment, retail and hospitality. This broad experience gives me creative insight into the problems that face our community. I am primarily a problem solver.


What changes would you like to see in Summit County? Your town?

During my first year, I will enjoy working with the rest of the Council to setup a volunteer/town effort to make the town of Frisco the cleanest town in the Rockies. All the thoughts and ideas for EV and green energy all valid and will be very beneficial to the future sustainability of our planet. My engineering background makes me well qualified to work through the new innovations in technology to incorporate them into our small community.


What is your experience with vacation rentals?

My only experience is in the construction and maintenance side of the business.


What impact do you feel the vacation rental industry has in Summit County? Your town?

A very large impact. Hearing from all sides on this issue, I found this to be the area of greatest need for clear sensible options and solutions. I see the impact first hand... There is a STR in the condo above mine.


How do you feel about the current taxes in place for vacation rentals? Do you think more should be added? Do you think any should be reduced?

They should be eliminated. It isn't the role of government to unfairly punish a segment of the business community in order to solve a planning and development issue.


Do you believe we have a workforce housing problem in Summit County? And, if so: what are your suggestions to increase workforce housing?

We build what we need. Is it easier to force rules and conditions on the current housing infrastructure?Include all the local towns and the county to co-invest in a large project that creates 500-1000 rooms in a short period of time.


Are there any other key issues on your campaign platform that you would like to share with us?

I am primarily a problem solver. In the coming year, I would like to address workforce housing issues, education, ending all medical mandates and protecting the local environment (including the accumulating mask trash). Local businesses here echo the same issue – the lack of employees due to the chronic shortage of low-income housing. It saddens me that this issue is still unresolved. To bring about the biggest positive impact to the town of Frisco and the surrounding communities, I will dedicate my efforts to resolving the workforce housing issues in a timely manner. Employees from all over the world desire to work here. Let’s make this possible. I’m ready to listen and respond proactively. There are no problems, only solutions. Contact me with your questions and concerns and let’s get this done!