Q&A with Dillon Candidate: Tony Scalise

March 11, 2022


How long have you lived in the town you're campaigning in?

  • 0 to 2 years


What is your occupation?



What experience qualifies you for a town council position?

30 years of corporate America plus 4 years as a small business owner plus 8 years as a board member for a local HOA.


What changes would you like to see in Summit County? Your town?

I would like the local full time residents to be represented better by town councils and their voices on issues have more weight with said councils. I would like the corporate giants in the county to take more responsibility for the housing of their employees, rather than force the local municipalities have to figure out how to create and pay for workforce housing. I would like to create a viable solution to the short term rental arguments that would both protect the rights of private property owners and recognize the need for regulations that make sense for everyone. I would like to better protect the local citizen’s freedoms pertaining to medical and educational choice as well as their right to have a say in how their children are educated. I would like to see the school board remove the mask mandate in our schools, which is hurting our kids far more than the board is willing to admit, and doesn’t follow the science. I would like to see more unity, love and kindness throughout the community rather than the divisiveness of the current political climate.


What is your experience with vacation rentals?

I have owned multiple rentals in multiple states in the last decade. I believe the vacation rental is the life blood of this county, because without them the local economy will surely die.


What impact do you feel the vacation rental industry has in Summit County? Your town?

The impact is huge. Million of dollars pumped into the local economies; thousands of jobs created in a myriad of categories. We know that front range day pass skiers don’t support the local economy like a vacation rental does in terms of dollars pumped into local businesses. If they stay, they spend. And that spending is what fuels the local economy.


How do you feel about the current taxes in place for vacation rentals? Do you think more should be added? Do you think any should be reduced?

I think some municipalities have much too high fees and taxes placed on vacation rentals. It often appears like towns are trying to discourage vacation rentals in favor of long term rentals due to the current lack of workforce housing across the county.


Do you believe we have a workforce housing problem in Summit County? And, if so: what are your suggestions to increase workforce housing?

Yes, the demand for short term rentals coupled with low wages has drastically reduced the availability and purchase power for many people who want to live and work in Summit County. Employers and municipalities must work together to solve the issue. If you employ large numbers of employees then you must be held accountable for helping to house them in a market that makes it nearly impossible for workers to find reasonable and affordable housing.


Are there any other key issues on your campaign platform that you would like to share with us?

The massive influx of visitors to attend events, ski our mountains and enjoy the local natural resources must be addressed pertaining to overcrowding and parking. While the local economy rakes in massive dollars from the aforementioned, the quality of life for locals (as well as visitors) is negatively affected in many ways. From log-jams on our roads to trash on the streets, and the safety of our citizens, just to name a few.