Q&A with Breckenridge Candidate: Jay Beckerman

March 11, 2022


How long have you lived in the town you're campaigning in?

  • 10 years or longer


What is your occupation?

Restaurant Owner and Operator


What experience qualifies you for a town council position?

TOB Planning Commission Chair, UBPC Commissioner, BTO Treasurer, SSD Finance Committee Member, Highlands at Breckenridge Treasurer, Countywide Planning Commissioner


What changes would you like to see in Summit County? Your town?

Message responsible tourism, continue developing workforce housing, value our human capital


What is your experience with vacation rentals?

Our restaurants work closely with vacation rental properties to enhance the guest experience.


What impact do you feel the vacation rental industry has in Summit County? Your town?

Breckenridge was built on short term rentals, we do not have an abundance of hotels, we depend on vacation rentals for the economy.  Airbnb and VRBO has changed the landscape of the vacation rental and should be evaluated and policies should reflect the changing environment.


How do you feel about the current taxes in place for vacation rentals? Do you think more should be added? Do you think any should be reduced?

The current fees in Breckenridge appear to be appropriate in amount and where the money is directed.


Do you believe we have a workforce housing problem in Summit County? And, if so: what are your suggestions to increase workforce housing?

Workforce housing is a problem in resort communities across the country and Breckenridge is no exception.  We can try to build our way out, but that can only bring a finite amount of units online in a given period of time.  Other housing initiatives including the buy downs for deed restricting properties appear to work conceptually and should be explored further.


Are there any other key issues on your campaign platform that you would like to share with us?

I’ll take a business approach to government, seeking avenues to make government more efficient and more accessible to the residents who the government is here to serve. The decisions made at a council level impact the wallets and the lives of those who live and work here. The priorities of the town need to have additional transparency and be challenged in a thoughtful, respectful conversation — not just through comments.